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Sibhash is a Singapore-based company that invests in technology start-ups and companies operating in the blockchain field and FINTECH solutions. Today, one of the company's main products is the mining ecosystem Sigmapool. Unique software allows you to improve the efficiency of mining Bitcoins up to 13%. At the moment, the pool offers the most favorable conditions for payments. A feature of the project is the integration of various services and applications into a single ecosystem.


Rustam Khikmatulloev

President, Co-founder

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Sviatoslav Vinogradskii





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John Konovalov

Service Manager

Ekaterina Konstantinova

Head of UX/UI

Dr. Florian Leber


Dr. Claus Trenner


Jahon Khabilov

Business Development

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Head of Legal Departament

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Egor Pristavka



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Sigmapool is the flagship project of our company, bringing together the strongest developers from Russia and European countries. The Sigmapool project is one of the first legal pools in the world, where groups of international lawyers from the United States, Singapore and Russia worked on legalizing documents and protecting intellectual property.

The main advantage of Sigmapool are the most favorable conditions for customers - 100% remuneration for the work done in the mining pool. Today, Sigmapool owns 1% of the BTC market in the world. The project has a number of its own services and jointly developed partner products, which increase the profitability of cooperation and optimize customers' costs.

The team is working on revolutionary developments in the industry to realize our next goal - to capture 10% of the global market.

Our Team


Free custom firmware for mining with AsicBoost


Built-in wattmeter & counter. With consumption schedules, uptime, hashrate by day and month. Data is available via API.


Absolute Virus Protection. Protection and built-in treatment against various types of viruses.


Scheduler. Switcher Profiles. With multi-tariff or hourly accounting of electricity, this gives up to 35% additional savings.


Profile Auto Tuning. Selection of voltage and frequency per circuit board automatically and manually


On May 18 SibHash, together with the Crocus City Group, held THE WAY SUMMIT - an international networking forum which brought together more than 300 world-class professionals: investors, creators of start-ups, entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts. The participants met to discuss the global changes that await the global economy with the massive introduction of revolutionary technology.

Five speakers presented really relevant topics and shared useful knowledge in the field of blockchain application. 

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